Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fabolous - Loso's Way Review

Loso's Way is finally Here! Great album! I admit, I was a bit worried about Fabolous' approach towards the album when I heard the single "Throw It In the Bag". Don't get me wrong, its a great single but long time supporters (such as myself) know Fabolous for his lyrical content... I think Fabolous provides the right blend of catchy phrases and lyrics that'll satisfy old fans as well as new comers. Fabolous displays his story telling ability on the track "I Miss My Love"... He even gets personal on a track called "Stay" featuring Marsha Ambrosius. On the track, Fabolous speaks about him becoming a Father to his Son all while not having one himself. "I could give a fuck about Hip-Hop's new beef, I was more excited when my Son grew teeth." Other noteable tracks include "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere" featuring Keri Hilson, "Salute" featuring Lil Wayne, "The Fabolous Life" featuring Ryan Leslie, "Makin' Love" featuring Ne-Yo, "Last Time" featuring Trey Songz and more! Fabolous's 5th Studio album will be in stores July 28!

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