Friday, June 19, 2009


He was noted and cited as a Humble stud,
But not much, just the slightest would bubble blood
To ease the pain, he decided another drug
But not the type you could try at your local store
At first it was just to try and nothing more
It grew old, now he's trying another drug
As a teen he cried for his mother's love,
With teary eyes, but now realize that his mother's gone
Its been three years since she died from a couple slugs
A couple strays from a couple thugs, had punctured her
Replayed those days, he used to argue and fuss with her
Told her to get a life, rolled the dice, and had cuss at her
Now, more than ever realized he had love for her
And knew that this life is far from untouchable..

She looked for Ken, every since she played with Barbie
When she was twelve she had experiences with Charlie
Fourteen, now she fell in love with Ronnie
Fifteen, now she kissing up on Donnie
Sixteen now she missing her and Johnny
Over a decade of saying ''love had robbed me''
One thing led to another, now she more than sorry
Even made a few appearances, on the show Maury
She had a few kids and don't know who the father be
Its probably, sometimes she forget what God could see
When she was young her Father wasn't so Fatherly
She tried to sleep, as she heard her Mommy beat
So now she thought her abusive man was alright to keep
She didn't realize that she, perpetuated the cycle she,
Hoped her kids every night would go right to sleep,
Cause her man would come in acting more crazy than Tyson be
When he done don't even ask for apology
To most of her friends it was hard to see
But still convinced this is a man she was bound to keep

- Charlie Humble

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