Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Memorial: Charles L. Weaver (November 14, 1960 - December 11, 2007)

I just want to take time out today to give Remembrance to my Father Charles L. Weaver. I'm very Thankful I had a Father like him and had the opportunity to express that to him before he passed. Its shameful to me that a number of people never had a Father figure. My only advice in that situation is to forgive and try to make contact. Pops was there during the good times and the rough ones. There's not enough space in this Blog to express every detail. He taught me a lot and in the end he was always in my corner and I was always in his. Its funny because now I feel like I'm a mirror image of him. So today, give Thanks and Cherish the times you share with your Father! Charles L. Weaver Rest In Peace (November 14, 1960 - December 11, 2007)

"So many Kids I knew, never knew who their Pop was / That's why I show my Pop Love / Cause He was still around when I popped up."


  1. Man, ur dad was flyy in them pix! He seemed to have raised a good man. May he rest in peace :)


  2. Thank You :) I definately appreciate that.