Friday, May 22, 2009

When Battle Rap Goes Wrong: Charles Hamilton Gets Jaw Tapped By A Brooklyn Girl... ROFLMAO!

...Charles Hamilton is still my dude, I enjoy his music and all that.. He a good lyricist, nice character. He ate shorty during the battle but shorty V8'ed him, lol.. SMH. I mean, every dude had a moment where a shorty tried to challenge him, and its wise to NEVER HIT A LADY. So I commend Charles Hamilton on that.. But not every dude gets two-pieced by a shorty, SLAPPED maybe... not two-pieced, lol.. Damn!

...It looks like Sonic the Hedgehog meets Dr. Robotnik, lol... Charles is my man though... Keep doing your thing and hire some Female Bodyguards or something, lol... Ok, I'm done


  1. Good guy but that wasn't even necessary (her punching him that is)...Charles Hamilton was just playing around.

  2. I agree that was completely uncalled for... Why would she challenge him to a rap battle if she couldn't control her emotions like that? Charles Hamilton is a rapper... And it's a battle rap! Its like challenging LeBron James to a serious one on one game and getting upset if he dunks on you, lol...