Saturday, May 9, 2009

iPhone Pro? PSP2? Or Photoshop?

Like many people, I've waited patiently for tje new arrival of the Playstation Portable and the iPhone. Here are a few concepts that may actually be the next generation of these electronic must haves or perhaps a Photoshop fake..

In this concept, it appears that the next generation iPhone will offer it's users the iChat mobile software.

This iPhone Pro concept appears to feature a better iPhone camera with zoom-in capabilities and a iPhone that has a slide up QWERTY keyboard.

This PSP2 concept appears to have a detachable screen for video viewing.

Featured in G4TV, is this PSP2 concept that has a screen that slides for access to gaming controls.


  1. Yeah man, its supposed to come with a 8 GB hard drive and sharper visuals. I heard they're not doing UMDs no more, but those are just rumors.