Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Thoughts: The Chris Brown and Rihanna Altercation

Man, Chris Brown f**ked up bad.. I mean real bad. Hitting a Woman is something a Man should NEVER do. Sure I have a ton of jokes on the subject but this is a serious matter. I grew up around domestic violence myself and I vowed to NEVER hit a lady.
Now, I know both Rihanna and Chris Brown is still very young and as young adults you have room for mistakes but this is a problem. I can't sit here and say I'm a huge fan of either of them (although I enjoy singles from both) but when I first heard about the altercation I automatically dismissed it as a rumor.
Chris Brown has yet been able to tell his side of the story. However, the facts outweighs everything (Chris Brown turning himself in and the bruises Rihanna suffers from). I think Rihanna will become stronger as an artist after this is all over, but Chris Brown on the other hand.. His imaage is tarnished considerablely. I mean, he made it out the car without a scratch but I doubt he'll make it out of trail without a scratch (ok, that was boarderline). To his defense; everyone makes mistakes (although this is a horrific one). We sometimes forget that public figures are people too.
Anyway I honestly, I wish the best sucess to both of them. Hopefully they'll both would go their seperate ways (because obviously the relationship isn't working out) and stay out of the press columns (unless it has to do with record sales). We don't want another Ike and Tina. Furthermore, all I have left to say is keep up the bad work Chris, you making us dark-skinned brothers look good. Not to say we're bad but.. um, you know :)

- Charlie Humble


  1. I was told from a few pretty reliable sources that Rihanna infected Chris with Herpes. Still no excuse for beating up on a woman, but at least it wasnt a case where he lost his temper for no reason. It sux regardless, tho because his reputation is even worse now. He has herpes AND he beat the hell out of the woman who gave it to him. I hope things get better for the both of them.

  2. Thanks for the comment Reika. I've noticed there's several different stories about the incident floating around the internet lately. I think they're just rumors, you know how cruel the art of gossip can be. But even if this was true, does this justify Chris' actions? There's a very thin line between what's Right and Wrong. Perhaps that'll be the topic of discussion on a future post.

  3. Wassup, man? I'm new to blogspace and I saw that you like Lupe Fiasco and the God of War. I really respect your love 4 Hip-Hop as I'm a avid fan of the music myself. Drop a comment sometime on my page and I'll make sure to do the same.


  4. I feel you...and NO it doesnt justify his actions at all. I never been in that situation but i would rather him just LEAVE the situation rather than do what he did. Whatever the actual story is...he was wrong. Im definitely lookin forward to that right/wrong post...i'll stay tuned :)